Strix Cloud

Cloud server solution for Online game

Cloud solution for fast and easy online game development

Strix Cloud is a development solution for online game.
It supports large numbers of concurrent connected users (CCUs) and high-speed, large-scale message processing.This solution supports a wide range of game development, from low-traffic light content to online games requiring real-time performance.

Highly cost effective

No server programming


High-speed, large-scale message processing

Strix Cloud お申し込みはこちら

No server coding required! Great reduction in development overhead!
Easy game server setup with button clicks

Strix Cloud supports game server development as a server solution for online game development.You can set up a server simply by clicking online buttons.Since Strix Cloud requires no server coding, anyone can easily set up an online game server.

Strix Cloud
Simply connecting your game application to Strix Cloud sets up a real-time match.
This easy setup can be achieved by using Strix Cloud for real-time match processing and the WebAPI server for other processing.

[Strix Cloud Console screen]

[Strix Cloudコンソール画面]
Register the application on the Strix Cloud console screen and then select the instance specifications (server specifications) and the region.Then, simply click the button to launch the game server (master server).
Similarly, you can set up a room server for matches between players.Even if servers are added, you can easily balance the load by clicking the appropriate buttons.

Large number of concurrent connected users (CCUs) and high-speed, large-scale message processing!
Server solution with high performance and multiple functions

Strix Cloud is a high-performance server solution that supports a large number of CCUs and high-speed, large-scale message processing. Strix Cloud can perform large-scale CCU processing for games with low traffic volumes or stable message processing for high-traffic online games. Therefore, it can be applied to the development of any game, ranging from low-traffic content to high-traffic online games requiring real-time performance.

Game genre Number of players Msg/player/sec Msg/room/sec Strix Cloud 100,000 messages/s
Turn-based 4人 1 msg/s 16 msg/s
RTS 4人 3 msg/s 48 msg/s
MO ARPG 5人(4+BOSS) 5 msg/s 125 msg/s
FPS 8人 20 msg/s 1280 msg/s
MMO 32人 10 msg/s 10240 msg/s

(*1) Strix Cloud can process over 100,000 messages/s per CPU.


For communication between clients and servers or between other players, it provides a feature called "Replica". For example, in an action game, characters, fired bullets, and broken blocks become "Replica" and sent to the servers and automatically synchronized with the other players' screens.

[Unity SDK]

[Unity SDK]
StrixUnitySDK is provided as plugin for Unity. You can easily synchronize objects by adding components. Those components automatically synchronize object locations (e.g. characters, bullets) or character animations.

Basic Features

Strix Cloud

Cloud solution for fast and easy online game development

Strix Cloud is a development solution for online game.
Strix Cloud provides the functions required for online game development, such as matching, replication (object synchronization), and Webhook functions.It also contains the Unity SDK plug-in so that you can use property synchronization or the RPC function to easily process game-specific communication tasks.

Supported Platforms

Supported Platforms Windows、MacOS、iOS、Android、Nintendo Switch
Supported game engines Unity
Supported protocols TCP、HTTP
Main features Message relay
Replication(object synchronization)
Unity SDK
Application management, User management, Instance management

Plan prices

The price of Strix Cloud consists of a service charge and data transfer fees.

Service charges (flat monthly rates)

The monthly service charge is imposed on each server.


Maximum number of concurrent connected users (4-player match)

Flat monthly rate

(per instance)
1msg/s 5msg/s
Type 0 100 100 Free of charge
up to 100CCUs
Type 1 550 490 ¥15,000
Type 2 6,100 2,300 ¥25,000
Type 3 9,700 3,600 ¥50,000
Type 4 19,000 7,100 ¥120,000

Data transfer fees

The data transfer fees are usage-based. ★Currently free of charge up to 60 GB per month

  • ・The service charge varies depending on the server (instance) performance.
  • ・The monthly service charge is imposed on each server.
  • ・The service charge is a flat monthly rate.Please note that even if you start using the service in the middle of the month, your monthly charge will not be prorated.
  • ・The Strix Cloud service fee must be paid by settling a bill that SOFT GEAR issues by the end of the month following the month of usage.
  • ・The data transfer fees are usage-based.
  • ・The data transfer fees are free of charge up to 60 GB per month as of September 2018.
  • ・The pricing may be subject to change without prior notice.
  • ・You can't provide or sell gamecontents that you have checked by Type 0 plan.

Getting started

Step 1

On the order page, fill out the necessary fields and agree to the terms.

Step 2
Authentication key generation

Get the console screen URL and the authentication key (token) via email.

Step 3
Login to console screen

On the console screen, enter the token and set the password to start using Strix Cloud.

Getting Started with Strix Cloud (Instructions)

Strix Cloud お申し込みはこちら